Devika about 5 years ago

" Very good service and happy to travel back in GoTour. "

Saikiran about 5 years ago

" I was really satisfied with the journey, bus maintenance, and the behaviour of drivers is good and the drop and was also made in time. "

Suria Prakash about 5 years ago

" Very good quality and staff behavior, strongly recommend . "

Madhuchandra about 5 years ago

" Everything is maintained clean and neat, the bus was picked us on time and reached on time. You can also track this bus online which I felt very handy and smart. This is by far the best AC sleeper bus I ever boarded. "

Pramod about 5 years ago

" The excellent service from Go Tours and travels, the maintenance of the bus very well, I have traveled before also in same travels from Hyderabad to Bangalore, I feel very comfortable with this travels, and I recommend to everyone. "

Rachita Rath about 5 years ago

" Overall, because of the staff behaviour and overall crisp hospitality, it was a very good experience and I would like to travel with these guys again. "

Akbar Khan about 5 years ago

" Timely arrival and departure. polite staff and clean seats. "

Sujatha about 5 years ago

" Booked ticket for sister and she is very happy that the travels, staff and driver responded her in a good manner and the bus was in time .I heart fully say thanks to the team. "

Ganesh about 5 years ago

" They dropped to destination in time .What more can expect from the travelling. "

Girija L about 5 years ago

" Good traveling through go tour and staff were good and care taking for ladies passenger. "

Vamsi Krishna about 5 years ago

" Best bus and best people as of today. "

Satyaramarao about 5 years ago

" It is really very comfortable to have journey with this service. "

Avinash Reddy about 5 years ago

" The journey was good and reached in time with safely and bus staff are respectable with customers .I recommend to be go with this travel service for better and safe to your journey . "

Dr Priya Reddy about 5 years ago

" It was really great, and I appreciate for there timings as I have traveled with many travel agencies but never reached on time . But Go travels has picked me at the boarding point on the right time and dropped me according to the timings given . I would like to prefer Go travels . "

Rashmi about 5 years ago

" Bus hygiene was very good and even there pick up and drop to destination was on time. I recommend this bus for all my friends and relatives. "

Sudheer Chandra K about 5 years ago

" Bus is good.Has individual TV on each berth. On time at the boarding and dropping point. Overall it was good journey. "

Sambasivrao Pelluri about 5 years ago

" Traveled from Bangalore to Hyderabad it was nice journey and very clean inside the bus. "

Alex K Varghese about 5 years ago

" Service was great. What I liked about the service of Go Tour is that it is sharing bus tracking also. Its cool feature, as we don't need to ask the conductor about the arrival of bus and all that. And also one suggestion, please detail the boarding point more detailed as where exactly the bus will stop, like a landmark which is very close. Because sometimes the boarding point shown is not clear and incorrect. So I had to call up the concerned person to reach the right location. "

Pavan C about 5 years ago

" It's nice journey with Go tour travels. "

Hari Om about 5 years ago

" Very nice journey. I am a frequent traveler in Go tour from past 1 year and they are upgrading their buses very well. Keep going. "

Prateek Chandan about 5 years ago

" The bus is very nice. I liked the cleanliness and the way the bus is maintained. Would be good if there is some bathroom facility too. "

Kapil about 5 years ago

" A small dinner break for most of the buses would be recommended as the traffic in Bangalore is pretty and and reaching the bus is like a knife on the neck. "

Akash Laddha about 5 years ago

" Bus experience was good as always, I would always recommend Go tour Travels and Holidays for Hyderabad to "

Ankit Gupta about 5 years ago

" Bus was late by 10mins, but the quality of the bus was good. Staff called 5mins before reaching the bus stop was a plus point too. Good value for money option in Bangalore -Hyderabad route. "

Joji John about 5 years ago

" It was a nice experience. Sleeper bed is wide. Height is also better compared to many other services. "

Mahantesh Kambati about 5 years ago

" Pickup and drop are on time .Very good to see they are maintaining punctuality. "

Jayanth S about 5 years ago

" Nice bus, excellent driving and promptly on time. Staff is helpful and the travel was very comfortable. "

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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